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In 2011, the company Neo-Neon CZ Ltd. introduced to the Czech and Slovak markets the lighting and LED technologies for the first time. In the same year the company gained direct representation of international company with more than 30-year history, a manufacturer of the LED lighting – the company NEO-NEON LED Lighting International Ltd. It was the first company in Asia that received Energy Star certification, and has long been one of the most progressive companies in a number of patents on LED technologies.

Thus, the company Neo-Neon CZ Ltd., on the basis of joining with a strong foreign partner, decided to offer its customers a modern and efficient lighting fixtures and sources for use not only in industrial settings, but also in the commercial sector and public lighting systems.

Currently, the company Neo-Neon CZ Ltd. holds in its portfolio a wide range of industrial and public LED lightings and can also offer its customers more advanced products capable to replace the traditional types of incandescent and other traditional light sources.

Catalogue of our products now includes items such as LED bulbs and sources for all standard socket systems, LED tubes including fixtures with sufficient IP for use under the most demanding conditions, system of LED tapes, decorative lighting system Neon flex to replace conventional neon tubes, ceiling LED panels with suspension system, and many other types of energy-saving lighting fixtures and sources.

The Neo-Neon CZ Ltd., in cooperation with external partners has accomplished a number of very successful projects in the field of LED lightings. On the basis of our own proposals and lighting projects, we deliver our lighting products to many businesses, communities, municipalities, schools and other entities that want to save their costs for lighting.

Starting with 2013 the company Neo-Neon CZ Ltd., presents also new brand products Best-LED, which are part of our offer that can be ordered through our online store www.led-house.cz.

Our product range continues to expand and improve. We believe that our products will meet your demands and expectations and we look forward to working with you.

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3/2017 - New pricelist available Pricelist 2017/2018 for download


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